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Pi Day at KCA

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Pi,  is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi = roughly 3.14 (although with computers the number has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits!)... Pi Day was celebrated Monday, 3.14 at KCA! Students dressed as "Math Nerds", played math games in their classes, voted to see which teacher would get a "Pi" in the face (congratulations Mrs. Madison!), recited poems, verses and songs, and competed to see who could recite the most digits of Pi, congratualations to Christopher Vincent!

Students receiving awards were:

Most Digits of Pi Recited:

K/1st grade: 1st place: Lauren Trippeer, 33 digits

                       2nd place: Audrey Bridges, 26 digits

                       3rd place: Lila Ferrell, 22 digits

2/3 grades:  1st place: Bella Schlange, 18 digits

                      2nd place was a tie with Jason Bergeron and Dante Moreno each with 15 digits

4/5/6 grades: 1st place: Nick Rein, 81 digits

                        2nd place: Tyler Vanderwall, 33 digits

                        3rd place: Jon Vanderwall, 24 digits

7/8 grades: 1st place: Christopher Vincent, 134 digits

                      2nd place: Kimberlyn Bridges, 55 digits

                      3rd place: Jake Scully, 10 digits

Best Costumes: 1st Place:  K/1-Michael Wiser, 2/3-Parker Noonkester, 4/5/6-Tyler Vanderwall, 7/8-Christopher Vincent.

                              2nd Place: K/1-Lila Ferrell, 2/3-Jason Bergeron, 4/5/6-Anna DelBosco, 7/8-Jake Scully

                             3rd Place: K/1-Lauren Trippeer, 2/3-Bella Schlange, 4/5/6-Garrett Grossner, 7/8-Kimberlyn Bridges

Students performing songs, poems, or reciting verses: K/1 Class, Jason Bergeron, Kelsie Engle, Tyler Vanderwall, Gracie Davidson, Christopher Vincent, Hayden Turner, Suzy Smith, and Kimberlyn Bridges.

Jon Vanderwall had the pleasure of giving Mrs. Madison a "Pi" in the face!

Who knew math could be so much fun?

Posted on 3/15/2011


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